30 films in 30 days: #11 Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986)

Every generation gets its “coolest teen” picture. This was ours. And in a strange way, it presaged the geek, individualistic culture so dominant now. Ferris is entrepreneurial, anti-establishment, anti-institution. He seeks his own path, as they say. That’s what made the commercial during his year’s Super Bowl so disappointing. The mere suggestion that Ferris Bueller would grow up just to be another suburban, Honda-driving schmoe was a bridge too far. Too might light was let into the fantasy. What else? Sloane’s on her third marriage, addicted to Oxy or Jesus? Cameron’s a reality-show producer?

I watched the film on my brother’s new Samsung HD/3D television–and you know, I didn’t like it. HD sharpen images and brings out more vivid colors, but this was another thing entirely. The 3D had the effect of separating the characters from the background–and in a strange way, they seemed more two-dimensional as a result. The film also felt transformed, interfered, Avatar-ized in an improper away. You were always aware of the digitization.

Also: Mr. Rooney in ultra-sharp HD? Not good.


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