BP Double Feature: Sherlock Holmes (2009)/Ronin (1998)

How do they get the cameras up there?

Directed by Guy Ritchie

Starring Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, Rachel McAdams

I watched Sherlock Holmes with expectations lowered—knowing that maybe if the film managed to surprise me a few times, or if Robert Downey could work his (almost undefinable) charm, I’d probably leave satisfied.

Well, I can report that my plan worked. When the movie ended, I didn’t feel like I had donated two hours that I would never recover. Downey was indeed his usual watchable self. (I watched one season of “Ally McBeal” just to observe him in action—and yes, those likely are hours that could have been better spent), Jude Law was the movie’s secret weapon, while, unfortunately, Rachel McAdams, Notebook Girl, the actress I always think is Anne Hathaway, looked she had shown up in Victorian London after jumping on the wrong flight at LAX.

But still there was a vague unease and I realized it had set in somewhere around the third act—that feeling that you are being set up for a big action climax because, yes, that’s how big Hollywood films are supposed to work. But it didn’t feel like something to anticipate. It more felt like something to be endured.

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