The Three Faces of Al

Alexander Haig, the former secretary of state, four-star general and presidential adviser, died Saturday. You can read the obit I wrote on Haig here.

Haig was part of the inner circle around two presidents, Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, making him a player in  some of the more key events of our age. As you might expect, he’s been portrayed in film and movies by several actors. Here are just there, who are notable for not looking like Haig whatsoever: Matt Frewer, Richard Dreyfuss and Powers Boothe.

More interestingly, Dreyfuss and Boothe (right) have both played vice presidents as well. Dreyfuss played Dick Cheney in Oliver Stone’s W. and Booth was that smarmy veep on 24. (Did he become president too for a short time? They all do at some point.)

But Frewer outdid them both. He was Max Headroom. (You don’t remember Max Headroom?)


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